Photographed by Peter Bak Rasmussen and with English text by Peter Olesen
Published by Borgen 1990, 121 pages, color
Price: 30:- €


Published by the Museum of Photographic Art, edited by Finn Thrane and with contributions from 37 photographers. with Danish and English text.
Published by Rhodes (without years and unpaginated) B / w and color
Price: 25:- €

Copenhagen in 3D - with english text

See Copenhagen in 3D with new glasses (included in book) and experience the city as it looked over 100 years ago by Andreas Trier Mørch.
Photographed by Danish and foreign stereo photographers between 1860 and 1920,
Own publisher 2020
112 pages, b/W and colour.
Price 30:- €

Sidsel Ramson

A Photographic Odyssey
Published by Éditions Cercle D´art, Paris 2010 B/w and colour. 360 pages written in English and Danish.
Preface by Jean-Clarence Lambert
Price: 20:- €

Early Photographs of Architecture and Views

in two Copenhagen Libraries (Royal Academy of fine arts and The Royal Library)
by Henrik Bramsen, Marianne Brøns and Bjørn Ochsner.
Thanning & Appel´s Forlag 1957 92 pages. B/w
Pris: 50:- €

Note: Contains reference to 164 locations in Europe.

00.07.01 Pylonia

- about the construction of the Öresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö in Sveden.
Photography by Henrik Saxgren with a preface by Klaus Rifbjerg
Published by Öresund Bridge Consortium
Apx. 200 pages B/w
30:- €
Note: Photographed between 1991.03.23 and 07.01.2000 (00.07.01) – of which the title.